Research Presentations

Research Presentations

After doing nearly a month of work examining a single topic, it’s time to celebrate the awesome research you have done by presenting your findings to an audience. These presentations are focused on showcasing your work and giving you the opportunity to share your discoveries with others.

I am not evaluating your public speaking abilities, though I do think it’s important that you learn how to synthesize and concisely present your work to others. In the world beyond my class, this is a skill that really comes in handy, and I want you to have a low-stakes opportunity to practice it; consider this an “A for effort” type of activity.

Presentations should be 4-6 minutes long and should cover:

  • Key concepts
  • Interesting examples and insights
  • Your conclusions

You are welcome to use visual aids, such as Powerpoint, Prezis, posters, or videos, but they are not mandatory by any means.


Presentations will be held on April 29 and May 1. 11 presentations will be held each day, and spots will be signed up for in advance.



Extra credit opportunity:

To make up a late or missed minor assignment, you will have the option to write a blog post of 300+ words reflecting on one or more of the day’s presentations. You may discuss what you learned, how it relates to your own work, or what it helps you to consider in a new way.  If the post does not meet the word requirement and/or demonstrate in-depth thinking, it will not be counted.


About NP

Nicole Papaioannou is a Ph.D. candidate at St. John's University. She is currently working on a student-centered grounded theory dissertation, which focuses on issues central to writing across the curriculum/writing in the disciplines scholarship. In her professional life, she acts as Manager of Curriculum and Instructional Design at Fulcrum Labs, where she leads course creation and oversees instructional designers, copyeditors, and authoring assistants. She also loves horseback riding, photography, dancing, hiking, and playing with her rescue dog, Cupid.

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