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Interview Activity

1. Partner up with a classmate whose research project you are unfamiliar with.

2. You will have 8 minutes to learn as much as you can about their research project. Jot down notes as you go along.

3. Then, we will switch, and your partner will interview you.

4. At the end, you will have 10 minutes to write a summary of the interview and reflect briefly on what you heard, how it felt to conduct an interview, and what challenges you now think you might face in your research paper interview.


Interview Resources

Katie Couric on How to Conduct a Good Interview –

8 Tips for Conducting Great Interviews – Forbes Magazine:



The Interview: Instructions


The Interview

Interviews are a great way to get first-hand accounts and information straight from the source. For this interview, you should select someone to whom you have access who can help you explore possible answers to your research questions.


  1.        You should write a brief introduction to your interview. Tell us a bit about the person that you interviewed. What is her/his name, title, job description, relationship to the community, etc.? Then tell us why you thought that person was the best person to interview to learn about your field.


  1.       Describe the interview settings. Where did the interview take place? How long did it last? Was the location a good one? Do you think it impacted the interview in any way?


  1.       Your interview should include at least 15 questions. Prepare beforehand by having a list of questions ready and having a focus. Do allow yourself to improvise. Don’t ignore something interesting that you think might help your project just because it doesn’t “fit” with your draft of questions.


  1.       You can post the interview as a video or audio clip or offer a written transcript. Make sure to receive permission from your interview subject first. They may not want their name or face used publicly.


  1.       Reflect on the interview. Did it go well? How did the interviewee respond to you? Is there anything you wish you asked more about?


The final complete interview (transcribed or shared as a media file), along with these 5 other criteria above, will be due Thursday, April 10. Post to blog. The post may be password-protected.


Some tips for success:

  •          You may want to record it with a cell phone, video camera, or webcam. It is easier to transcribe after the interview than attempt to write a person’s responses word-for-word as he/she speaks.
  •          Make sure that you explain to the interviewee before you begin the interview that it is for school, that you will be posting the interview to your blog, and that it may end up, in whole or in part, in your final project. They may want to remain anonymous, or they may choose not to participate. That is their right.
  •          Ask open ended questions. Yes/no questions will get you short answers that won’t reveal much.
  •          If a person seems uncomfortable with a question, do not push the question on them.
  •          You are welcome to use quotes from your interview in your research paper. It would count towards your 8 sources.