Course Policies

Attendance Policy: You are allowed 3 absences without penalty. If you are more than 15 minutes late, or if you disappear halfway through class, you will be considered absent. It is your responsibility to keep track of your absences.  If you are absent, you should contact a reliable classmate to find out what you have missed.  Your final grade will drop one-half of a grade for every additional absence after 3. (For example, if you earned a B+ but were absent 6 times, your final grade would drop to a C+ because of the 3 extra absences.) More than 6 absences may result in failure of the class. Please do not give me doctors’ notes. If you have a medical or family emergency, e-mail me about the problem and then contact the dean of your school–Lubin, Dyson, Nursing, etc. The dean’s office will verify your emergency and send me a note. Only then will you be excused from class or given an extension on an assignment, etc.

Instructor Absences/Lateness: While I do not foresee this being an issue, it sometimes happens that a professor is unavoidably late or unable to get to class at the last minute due to illness or other emergency. The department policy is that students should wait 15 minutes after the class starts before leaving. If I do not arrive, check our Blackboard site to see if I have posted an announcement. If nothing has been posted yet, one student in the class should call Paula Johnson, the English department Staff Assistant, to ask if she has heard from me (773-3855).  If class is cancelled, check Blackboard over the next two days for an online assignment to make up for the missed session. I will also post announcements to Twitter (@comPOSITIONblog) and send them via email.

Technology in the Classroom:

I support and encourage the use of technology in the classroom. However, I expect that you will practice proper etiquette. This means that students (and I) will refrain from texting in class, surfing the web when others are speaking, or allowing themselves to be distracted from the task at hand. If you use technology inappropriately, you will not be allowed to bring it to class, and your contract grade will be affected.


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