Web/Internet Support:  Our course makes use of several web technologies, including Blackboard, WordPress, and Twitter. Please check our course Blackboard (Bb) site before each class and the night before for updates, announcements, additional readings, and additional information.  Also, I often send out e-mails about the class via Bb, so please make sure to forward your Pace e-mail account to the one you use on a daily basis if your Pace account is not your primary one.

Writing Center Support: The Pace University Writing Center, located in 15B Miller Hall, is staffed by Pace graduate and undergraduate writing consultants and offers free one-on-one appointment-based sessions (in person or online) to writers.  You may bring writing from all disciplines and at all stages of the writing process, from outlines to completed drafts, as well as non-academic/personal works.  Please note that consultants will not edit your work for you. Rather, they will help you learn how to improve as a writer.  For more information about the Center, hours of operation or to make an appointment, please visit

Questions?  Please call 914-773-3942 between 9:00 & 5:00.

Students with Disabilities: The University’s commitment to equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities includes providing reasonable accommodations for the needs of students with disabilities.  To request an accommodation for a qualifying disability, a student must self-identify and register with the Coordinator of Disability Services for his or her campus.  No one, including faculty, is authorized to evaluate the need and arrange for an accommodation except the Coordinator of Disability Services.  Moreover, no one, including faculty, is authorized to contact the Coordinator of Disability Services on behalf of a student.  For further information, see Information for Students with Disabilities on the Pace web site.

Course Evaluations: In order to improve our Dyson College courses, we need your feedback. At the end of the term, you will be asked to fill out an online evaluation about your experience in this course.  Dyson is “going green,” so it is now a paperless process.  But we need your help to make this eco-friendly solution a success. You will receive an email directing you to the Digital Measures course evaluation site where you will find your Dyson courses, including this one, listed.  Your feedback is very important and your response will remain confidential.  If you have any questions about the online evaluations, please contact Rich Miller at  Thank you for your participation.


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