Twitter Guidelines

This course will make use of Twitter in class and outside of class as a tool for research, improving writing, and connecting with academic and professional communities. In order for this to work, your Twitter account cannot to be set to “protected.” If you are uncomfortable with sharing your personal tweets, please create an account just for class. We will make use of the hashtag #npWID for all course-related posts.

For the first 6 weeks, you will be expected to tweet 3 times, one of which must be a response. You can use the suggested topics, or if you’ve come up with something really interesting to share, you can post on your topic of interest. At least one of these tweets should be a response/question to a fellow ENG201 students’ tweet.  Use the @ symbol to respond (e.g., @comPOSITIONblog). After 6 weeks, we will discuss as a class how we want to proceed with Twitter.


Week Dates Suggested Topic
1  1/27 -2/3 Introductions: Twitter-length autobiographies
2 2/4-2/10 Who Inspires You?
3 2/11-2/17 Top People/Groups to Follow in Your Field
4 2/18-2/24 Current Events in Your Field
5 2/25-3/3 Favorite Websites Devoted to Your Field
6 3/4 – 3/10 Best Writing Advice

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